Friday, 23 May 2014

FSP Regulated Forex Trading Company in New Zealand

FSP Regulated Forex Trading Company

Any Forex trading broker with an FSP regulation will ensure the safety of the client’s funds. The registration is granted on the basis of strict law regulations that should be perfectly satisfied by the Forex brokers before claiming for a registration. In addition to that the New Zealand FSP is highly transparent to provide information to traders regarding the registration and licensing about the Forex brokers on their website. This helps in validating the broker before entering a relationship with the Forex broker.

As an FSP regulated Forex broker, Greenvault FX abides by the Registration and Dispute Resolution Act 2008 to be a part of the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme and address any customer grievances. In addition to that, the Forex trading company complies with strict AML/KYC procedures to ensure better customer fund security.

Get associated with the best forex trading broker through their partnership program and enhance your financial growth. The FX white label partnership solution provides the perfect environment to promote your business with the guidance and support from the experts. With attractive offer and bonuses provided by the Forex broker as a part of marketing, you will be rest assured to concentrate on generating business leads.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Open A live Account With The New Zealand FSP Broker

New Zealand is one of the most important economic regions in the world. All the Financial Service Providers in New Zealand are required by law to be registered as FSPs. This has to be agreed by every Forex broker in New Zealand with the administrative instructions by The New Zealand Companies Office and The Financial Markets Authority.

With a registration with the FSP, the online Forex trading broker commits towards the safety of the client’s funds. They also strive to provide client-oriented services with a more authoritarian trading regulation. By being more transparent, the broker provides information to the clients and constantly updates on the daily transactions.

The FSP also specifies that the forex broker should hold a physical office in New Zealand. This helps in regulating the financial institutions and keeping up the reputation of the forex brokers. Further, the FSP makes their stand that to facilitate on-site compliance inspections, the forex brokers are instructed to keep an all client record keeping, KYC and AML procedure. These strict regulations by the FSP guide the financial firms in keeping a clear record. In fact, it intentionally brings more safety for the client’s capital.

Opening a Forex trading live account with such an online forex trading broker, who is registered with New Zealand FSP, will provide better safety to your funds.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Best 1 $ Trading Forex Open Live Account

Forex Live Account

It does not take more money to become rich. The Forex industry provides you with the unique opportunity of earning more with the little funds you have. While many brokers demand for more funds while opening a live account, there are few brokers who offer a Forex live account that can be opened with just one dollar. 

This helps the new entrant and beginners trade initially with little funds and understand the foreign exchange market. Understanding the various market forces involved in the market, the traders can then move into a Forex premium account.

This one dollar Forex trading live account is the perfect pathway to the successful trading. With the leverage of up to 1: 500 offered by the forex broker, it is very much convenient to trade with the little funds. By making a profitable trading strategy with the help of the guidance and support of the broker, you can multiply your funds within a short period.

Utilizing the MetaTrader 4 platform and its remarkable features in the live account, traders become more efficient in their trade execution. By integrating the trading charts and other trading signals into the trading platform, the traders can speculate the price movement of the currency pair that they are trading.

Trading Forex with such a one dollar Forex live account will help you achieve your financial goals and you can increase your funding at any time you wish to do so. Remember to trade with the rules that you have learnt and stick to the basics of the Forex trading.

Open  Live Account:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Euro Economy News- Germany Upbeat France Down

German economic growth advanced more than the predicted level of economists last quarter. This led to the Euro zone recovery.

The Federal Statistics Office revealed that the economy boosted growth to 0.8 % from 0.4 % in the previous quarter. Economists predict a 0.7 % growth in Germany. While in France, the economy unpredictably stagnated in the period and in the case of Italy, the economy contracted by 0.1 %.

The statistics office further revealed that Germany’s growth was motivated by domestic consumption by private households and the government. There was an advancement in the investment in construction and machinery.

While in France, the spending by households and investment by business are strangled by the deficit-cutting and tax increases amounting to more than 70 billion euros since 2011. The consumer spending slumped down by 0.5 % in the first quarter. Making a third-straight quarterly decline, investment spending declined by 0.9 %.

Data revealed that the Italian economy slumped by 0.1% against the prediction of 0.2% growth. Data revealed that the Dutch economy slumped down by 1.4 % in the fourth quarter. Data also showed that the Austrian economy advanced by 0.3 %. The euro moved down by 0.3 % against the dollar to $1.3668 as of 9:05 a.m. London time.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Forex outlook : Aussie and Kiwi surges up

The Aussie advanced by 0.4 percent to 93.96 U.S. cents after climbing to 93.98, the most noteworthy increase since April 15. New Zealand's kiwi picked up 0.4 % gain to 86.58 U.S. cents.

Suggested one-month instability in the Australian currency tumbled down to 6.37 % on May 9, the most minimal since April 2013. The proportionate figure for its New Zealand counterpart fell down to 7.04 percent on May 9, an end level unobserved till now from that of 2012.

The Aussie additionally climbed as a Credit Suisse Group AG index revealed that traders are speculating that, over the next year, the Reserve Bank will boost borrowing costs by 11 basis points. The projection was unaltered from May 13, when Prime Minister Tony Abbott's administration divulged using cuts in the federal budget.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Forex Outlook: British Pound Upbeat On Expected Economic Growth

The pound advanced against other major currencies, with the expectations of growth in the economy after a strong first quarter. Analysts estimate a 3 % economic growth this year, which was above the level of the previous estimate of 2.6 %. Similarly, the projected growth for 2015 was hiked to 2.7 % from the previous prediction of 2.5 %.

The Bank of England's quarterly inflation report and Governor Mark Carney press conference scheduled later in this week are keenly watched by traders for any evidence of change in interest rates. The central bank is expected by economists to raise interest rates before U.K.'s national elections, in early 2015.

Against the euro, the pound advanced to 0.8145 for the first time since January 2013, making an increase of 0.2 % compared to last week's closing quote of 0.8165. Resistance might be encountered by the pound around the 0.805 zone.

Against the yen, the pound advanced making a session's high of 172.30. The pound might face the next possible resistance at the 173.6 zone.Against the dollar, the pound stretched to a high at 1.6896. Speculation for the pound is that it might find a resistance level at 1.70 zone, if the bullish trend continues.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Yen Slumps, Japanese Investors Sell Euro Bonds

Data from the Japanese Ministry of Finance revealed that investors had sold a high amount of euro-denominated long and medium-term bonds in March 2014. 

The Tokyo-based Ministry of Finance stated today that Japanese money managers made net sales of 1.96 trillion yen equivalent to 19.2 billion U.S. dollars. Surprisingly, since the 10 months ended December 2011, this is the highest sales. The Japanese investors had purchased bonds of worth 5.39 trillion yen last year. 

Ayako Sera, a Tokyo-based market strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd. stated that Ukraine crisis plays a vital role. He also stated that going forward, it is expected that the Japanese money will be forced to go back into some of the higher yielding countries in the region. 

The yen moved down by 0.1 % to 140.28 against the euro. The yen also fell down by 0.1 % against the dollar trading at the level of 101.97 per dollar. When compared for the year on year basis, the Japanese yen had advanced by 3.2 % against the euro this year. While against the dollar, yen advanced by 3.3 % this year.